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Unlock a wiser organization.

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Empower administrators to customize user roles and access, streamlining management and enhancing operational flexibility within the platform.
Label and organize calls based on important business criteria
Get automated concise summaries for your calls.
Make use of artificial intelligence to get a thorough understanding of the overall sentiment during conversations between your team and customers.
Automatically label incoming or outgoing calls based on predefined tags and criteria.
Allow your customers to easily reach the right agent or department with configurable IVR extensions numbers.
Give your team enough time to finalize any call related matters without missing a new call.
Easily communicate with team members internally regardless of location and at no additional cost.
Use keywords to find the right recording without the hassle of going over all your call recordings.
Power up your customer service with our complete open API solutions.
Make winning decisions with complete insights and metrics from your call center interactions.
View real time, make relevant observations and keep track of your users' activity.
Connect your customer with the best-suited representative from your team, every time.
Schedule your out of hours behavior so customers know when you are at service.
Simultaneously handle multiple customer interactions with a single number.
Customize and build your own IVR flow that works best for your business and guide your callers through to the designated function.
Generate and access custom reports from your data and share them with your team.
Effortlessly filter through your calls and find the calls that matter.
Let those phones ring. Seamlessly respond to calls by transfering them to another team member.
Dial and experience roam free and beyond as you go with Maqsam’s dynamic Mobile App.
Oversee all your incoming and outgoing traffic flow in real time and identify areas of improvement.
Never miss a call by forwarding your incoming calls when you are unavailable.
Connect Maqsam with your WhatsApp Business and streamline your organization messaging.
Help sales and support teams dial faster, increase connection rates and reduce manual entry for far more efficiency.
Sit back and watch the traffic flow in real-time, allowing you to take action with no delays with our Live Dashboard.
Drop in on live calls between the customer and agent and coach your agent in real time on the call.
Manage your calls by routing them to the right agent depending on the variable you want.
Build agility across your team by sharing all contact details in one place.
No limits, record as many calls as you want.
Get all sorts of numbers; landline, mobile, unified numbers and more issued instantly for your business.