Live Dashboards

Sit back and watch the traffic flow in real-time, allowing you to take action with no delays with our Live Dashboard.

Remote team? No problem! Our live dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view on all the interactions between your team and your customers in real-time, in addition to some additional insights about your team activity and current status. You will get a detailed view about all inbound and outbound calls passing through your account such as call queue time which agent is attending to the call from your team and the duration of the call. Our live dashboard also enables your supervisors and administrators to jump onto any active call and support your team if they need any help through our call whispering and coaching features.

check out these features

Internal Call Transfer

Let those phones ring. Seamlessly respond to calls by transfering them to another team member.

Skill Based and Dynamic Call Routing

Manage your calls by routing them to the right agent depending on the variable you want.

Custom Reports

Generate and access custom reports from your data and share them with your team.

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