WhatsApp Messaging

Connect Maqsam with your WhatsApp Business and streamline your organization messaging.

Onboard your organization to the world of messaging with incoming and outgoing messaging capabilities across WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp became the most used and desired means of communication among the current generation. You don’t want to miss out on golden opportunities to delight your customers and fulfill their needs. With our WhatsApp messaging feature, your team will be able to proactively reach out to customers through approved templated messages or directly reply to customers inquiries.

check out these features

Prefered Agent

Connect your customer with the best-suited representative from your team, every time.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Oversee all your incoming and outgoing traffic flow in real time and identify areas of improvement.

Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customize and build your own IVR flow that works best for your business and guide your callers through to the designated function.

From Customer to Cloud: Everything you need to make Customer Experience smarter.

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