Unlimited Call Recordings

No limits, record as many calls as you want.

Unlike others, we provide you with high definition call recording available instantly and forever. We offer you unlimited storage space for your recordings with no additional or hidden fees. Call recording is an important tool that helps you to track the history of every conversation. You can be assured that no detail will go undetected with our reliable service. With our call recording feature, training of new employees has never been that easy, as newcomers can look back at customer interactions (if they have the permission to do so) and learn more about how conversations flow from support and sales functions. Every company cares about the quality of the service it provides to its customers; your quality assurance team can easily review calls and interactions with your customers to assure the team is serving your clients with the required quality all the time. Of course, it goes without saying that all calls are recorded and stored in a secure manner while still granting you access to it in an instant and easy approach, whether through our administrative interface or our 3rd party integrations.

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Prefered Agent

Connect your customer with the best-suited representative from your team, every time.

Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customize and build your own IVR flow that works best for your business and guide your callers through to the designated function.

Internal Call Transfer

Let those phones ring. Seamlessly respond to calls by transfering them to another team member.

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