International Coverage

Get all sorts of numbers; landline, mobile, unified numbers and more issued instantly for your business.

Get local numbers for your business in 200+ cities and deliver a stellar customer experience when communicating with your customers. Whether you're an SMB with a single location, or a large enterprise with offices around the world, we've got you covered. Connect with your customers, worldwide!

It's all about Trust

When you call a customer, you want to build trust instead of creating any doubt. When you give them a call from your local number, they'll have no reason to question who you are or where you are calling from.Reach more of your prospects with a local number, as our stats show that calls with local numbers have a 50% higher chance of being picked up, which means 50% more success on your outbound effort. . Get rid of the first hurdle that keeps customers prone to not answering your call and helps you reach more qualified leads.

Local Numbers = Local Rates

A new way to market your business - Global reach with local rates. Your customers are more inclined to ring you from wherever they are with local calling numbers as they do not have to worry about being charged extra, as when dialing an international number.Your business should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether it's a customer calling from the other side of the globe or a colleague wanting to share ideas across the table, call quality & affordable rates are as important. Allow your customers to reach you with a local number so they can pick up the phone and speak to you without hesitation.

Global Presence

Expand your reach with numbers from all over the world without having to open a branch in those areas by using local numbers. Give customers the reassurance that they can contact you through area code numbers in their own country thus establishing trust with your brand.

Bring your Own Carrier

Bring your own numbers or phone lines to Maqsam.

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Build agility across your team by sharing all contact details in one place.

WhatsApp Messaging

Connect Maqsam with your WhatsApp Business and streamline your organization messaging.

API Integrations

Power up your customer service with our complete open API solutions.

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