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Dial and experience roam free and beyond as you go with Maqsam’s dynamic Mobile App.

Maqsam has its own Mobile Application to support all of your communications needs on the go! All the wonderful features of Maqsam on your smartphone. Make and receive all of your calls while you’re on the go and away from your Desk, yet maintain access to your company’s shared phonebook. Using our Mobile App you will be able to set your status to reflect your availability, transfer calls to your colleagues and handle all your customers inquiries as if you are on your desk

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Call Center Intelligence

Make winning decisions with complete insights and metrics from your call center interactions.


Build agility across your team by sharing all contact details in one place.

Prefered Agent

Connect your customer with the best-suited representative from your team, every time.

From Customer to Cloud: Everything you need to make Customer Experience smarter.

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