Pipedrive lets you view your company's sales pipeline to understand which deals are on track to close. Maqsam’s Pipedrive integration will automatically sync your Maqsam conversations details with your Pipedrive database.

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Auto Activity Creation

This feature will automatically create an activity on Pipedrive’s side with each incoming or outgoing call passing through your Maqsam account. All call details will be logged and added to your customers’ profile enabling your team to access the information from one place on the fly.

Auto Add Recordings

With our Pipedrive integration, all of your recorded calls will be added to your Pipedrive account and listed in your customer’s records automatically. The whole team will have full visibility on your interactions with your customers and prospects.

Click to Dial

Click to Dial is a fast, easy and secure way that allows you to make all of your outbound calls in a matter of a click. It makes your team’s life easier by enabling them to make calls intuitively from within your CRM and Helpdesk tool, saving time and effort.

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