Skill Based and Dynamic Call Routing

Manage your calls by routing them to the right agent depending on the variable you want.

With our Skill Based and Dynamic Call Routing feature you can define exactly how you’d like to distribute your incoming calls among different users and groups according to their departments or skills. You can automatically route calls to agents and groups in any specific order that your business requires. Rules can be set according to a lot of different variables such as the day of week, time of day, origin country of the caller or even the exact phone number of the caller and many more!

The Right Interactions To The Right Agents

Send the right incoming calls or messages to the right agents depending on their skills, location or department.

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Power Dialer

Help sales and support teams dial faster, increase connection rates and reduce manual entry for far more efficiency.

Call Center Intelligence

Make winning decisions with complete insights and metrics from your call center interactions.

Custom Reports

Generate and access custom reports from your data and share them with your team.

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