Real-Time Call Monitoring

Oversee all your incoming and outgoing traffic flow in real time and identify areas of improvement.

Identify agent performance proficiency and deficit and give real time feedback to improve call center quality and attune to customers feedback. Maqsam's powerful coaching and monitoring capabilities give admins immediate visibility into agent performance for identifying mistakes and reversing them quickly so as to better service customer issues and improve calls with prospects.

Listen Into Live Queues

Especially with remote work on the rise, live call supervision is essential. With our Whispering and Barging features you can join calls, intervene, coach and whisper to agents live.

Every Step Of The Call

Better coach your agents and see how they're doing at every step of the call, as well as keep archived records of their interactions for future reference.

check out these features

Call Transcription

Use keywords to find the right recording without the hassle of going over all your call recordings.

Custom Reports

Generate and access custom reports from your data and share them with your team.

Internal Call Transfer

Let those phones ring. Seamlessly respond to calls by transfering them to another team member.

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